2014 QB Stats

These represent some of the QB stats that weren’t able to make it to the comprehensive piece at Rotoworld: http://www.rotoworld.com/articles/cfb/45952/349/2014s-quarterback-conundrum

 YPC3rd Down%RZ%Rollout%Pressure%Blitz%Defensed%11-20 Yd Comp%20+ Yd Comp%

YPC: Represents the number of air yards a pass traveled on completions. This subtracts yards gained after the catch.

3rd Down %: Completion percentage on 3rd down

Red Zone %: Completion percentage in the red zone

Rollout %: Completion percentage when rolling out

Pressure %: Completion percentage when under pressure

Blitz %: Completion percentage against the blitz

Defensed %: Percentage of total attempts defensed/ intercepted by a DB or LB in coverage.

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